Stick-Fu Lite 1.3.1

Kung fu with cartoon fighters


  • Fun graphics
  • Simple controls


  • Gets a bit repetitive
  • Just two levels


Stick men fighting games have been popular online for a while now, but here's one you can play on your iPhone.

Stick-Fu casts you as a kind-of stick man version of Chuck Norris. Your job is to save the city from the invading hoards of nasty stick men by beating them to a pulp with your punches and kicks, and by bashing them with weapons.

The controls in Stick-Fu are very easy to master. Left and right movements, kicks and special moves can all be executed using the buttons at the bottom of the screen. The graphics in Stick-Fu are excellent, with fun animations and lots and lots of blood.

Stick-Fu is good fun to play, although it does get quite repetitive after a while. Sure, there are two game modes to try (a story mode and a survival mode), but there's only so many stick men you can hit before it gets boring. It would've been nice if there were more special moves readily available, and it's annoying always having to wait for a power-up in order to access these moves.

This is a very limited lite version of Stick-Fu, offering just two levels. However, it's worth trying out if you have a few minutes to kill on a bus stop.

Two new zones


  • Two new zones


Stick-Fu Lite 1.3.1

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